Tiny house on wheels.

A tiny house on a 32′ fifth wheel trailer with 8′ on the gooseneck.

We ordered the trailer from Retco Trailer Manufacturing in Sikeston, MO.  Mark did a massive amount of research, and felt like this company would be the best for the tiny house trailer.  It took about 5 weeks to get our custom trailer done and an 18 hour drive to get it to our build site.

We have a trailer!!!! Now, what is the house going to look like…  Mark has redesigned this thing about a million times!  What we know it will have:

  1. Full kitchen – This is going to be a house for four people, a fully functional kitchen is a must!  I’m talking fridge, oven, stove, dishwasher, momma’s gotta have it!
  2. Full(ish) bathroom – With two small children, I really think a bathtub is non-negotiable.  However, I have conceded that it doesn’t have to be a full sized bathtub… We are looking at a 2’x4′ stock tank with a shower.  We aren’t sure about the toilet yet, obviously there will be one, but will it be regular, composting, incinerating, stay tuned to find out!
  3. Bedroom on the gooseneck with a slide out
  4. Kids play loft
  5. Slide out in the living area

I will add the floor plan and all later, I promise!

Coming up… the Why!



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