The build has begun…

Disclaimer: The author of this blog has no construction knowledge whatsoever.  She writes what the builder tells her.  Being that the builder is the author’s husband, full attention to what is being said may, or may not be given.  Legit construction questions will be answered directly by him.

All construction posts will contain the above disclaimer.  There may be jokes that I was an engineering major for a semester in undergrad, but that was chemical, and no mechanical knowledge was absorbed.  That being said, let’s get started on what’s been started!!!!

Around the edge of the trailer, at 16″ intervals, holes were drilled and tapped to use large bolts to attach the frame.  This was done by drilling an initial pilot hole, then a bit just slightly smaller than the tap was drilled, then the hole was manually tapped.  I think in total there are 44 of these holes around the trailer.

Next, flashing was installed on the main deck of the trailer.  The braces under the flashing are probably the cleanest trailer braces of all time! Five rolls of 20 inch flashing was overlapped and attached with caulk adhesive and self tapping screws.

So everyone will know that the braces under the flashing was super duper clean!

A huge thanks is given to our very bestest friends Jeff and Autumn!  They drove over to help us out, and Jeff is willing to make several more trips over to help Mark.  I appreciate it because it kind of lights a fire under Mark to get this thing moving along!

The kids even got in on the work!


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