Build That Wall!

Walls need to be built people. Walls for our tiny house that is! (The Monteith’s are not really political people so don’t construe that saying or think we support that politician!) 

We’ve finally had some decent weather and that has given Mark and Jeff some excellent build time. 

We also took a trip to The Home Depot to order our cooktop, refrigerator, and washer/dryer combo (Memorial Day sales, not a big discount but everything counts!) While there, we (who am I kidding, it was all Mark, I tuned out and played Candy Crush) discussed doors and windows. After Mark’s very lengthy conversation with the door and window specialist, I was told he was going to have to rethink some things! 

Spoiler alert:

Welding is coming…

Disclaimer: The author of this blog has no construction knowledge whatsoever. She writes what the builder tells her. Being that the builder is the author’s husband, full attention to what is being said may, or may not, be given. Legit construction questions will be answered directly by him.


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