The Day the Tarps Failed

Friday, Mark and I spent a good 4 hours trying to “weatherize” the tiny house. We were going to spend the weekend in Wichita with my brother and sister-in-law, and of course there was a chance of storms, so we wanted to cover it the best we could. 

I dubbed it “The Platypus”

I worked my booty off, but my 5’3″ self was just not enough to be much help!

On our way back from Wichita, we got the text from Mark’s mom. “The tarps did not hold. The wind was too strong.” Apparently there had been a hurricane in southern Oklahoma! We’re talking 8 inches of rain in an hour with 70 mph wind gusts. We immediately felt sick. His mom and stepdad had gone out and worked it the best they could, and boy did we appreciate it! I think we got pretty lucky. Things inside were a little damp, but no standing puddles. 

RIP Platypus

We got some plastic sheets to cover the openings and retarped the top. 

Mark starts his summer Masters classes Monday. He will be gone Monday to Thursday for 4 weeks. So that puts a major slow down on tiny house progress. Ugh.

Positive of this mess: an excuse to wear my work boots! It’s hot, of course I rocked boots with shorts!


One thought on “The Day the Tarps Failed

  1. It will dry-I think you covered it really well-the weather was just too much. I thought we were going to float “down the creek” here in Duncan.


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