As we were planning out the bedroom to frame the walls Mark asked me a poignant question, “What are you willing to sacrifice?” I realized immediately, sacrifice is a huge part of this, our journey.

It was meant as a pretty simple question, he was asking me how much of the living space was I willing to give up for the bedroom.  The answer was easy, the bedroom is just for sleeping, so we don’t want to spend a whole lot of precious square footage on that!

This “simple” question let my brain on a Megan thinking path.  When playing the game of tiny house, there will be much sacrifice!!!

But not just square footage, space, thing, and stuff are being sacrificed; and we are not the only ones doing the sacrificing.

I was reminded today that during this process, I’ve had to sacrifice some of my feelings.  This may come as a surprise, but not everyone thinks what we are doing is cool!  As one family member asked my child, “Are you ready to be trailer trash?”  That stings.  That really just hurts my feelings.  It makes me feel like I am less, why, because I desire less? We desire less mortgage, less junk, less time having to work to pay for things we don’t have time to enjoy.  I know what we are doing is the complete opposite of the “American Dream”, and don’t expect everyone to understand, but this is the sacrifice Mark and I are making for our children to reimagine the “American Dream.”

Don’t misinterpret me, the majority of our family and friends have been very supportive, most of them would never do something like this and think we are beyond weird, but supportive none the less!  And many of these family members and friends have sacrificed for out journey.  Our parents have made huge sacrifices for us, letting us live with them for going on 6 months.  Letting us use their land to build, and most likely park, our tiny house.  Our family and friends who have put in hours upon hours helping us build(I’m talking about you Jeff!), in the sweltering heat, or the random downpours of summer storms.

This has not been easy.  Getting rid of most of our possessions was not fun.  We don’t have this insane idea that living in less than 400 square feet with two children is going to be 100% pleasant.  What we do believe is that he sacrifices we are making now will better our family, and you know what, that’s all that matters!



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