You Get Out What You Put In

So this isn’t exactly tiny house related, but it’s life related, and tiny housing is part of life, so it’s all relative! 

I think I am the only person who remembers their younger self as being not that great. As most people get older, they seem to remember themselves as being a much better student, athlete, performer, etc, than they actually were. I have decided to be more realistic with my memories. 

At dinner with my parents a couple nights ago we were discussing my high school swimming days. My dad had pretty much been my swim coach my entire career (10 years.) I was saying how I was really not that good, that his influence in the sport was really the reason I was All-State. Of course being my father, he didn’t just outright agree with me but he did make this statement, “You really put it all out there during meets, but you didn’t do much during practice.” The next night Katie Ledecky won gold in the 400 and in her interview she said something like, I put so much into practice, it’s nice to see it pay off (I don’t remember her exact quote so that’s a Megan paraphrase.) Putting those two things together, I started thinking about what else I’ve cheated myself on. What else have I not put my all in during practice, to not reach my full potential when the big event comes? 

Can I just say, there are a whole lot!!!! Music competitions in high school, my Intro to Micro class that I didn’t attend for 9 weeks straight, MIPS exercises, potty training my daughter. I thought I was smart because I always did average without putting in any effort. I cheated myself. I prevented myself from becoming the great legend most people are in their own minds. 

Maybe at 32 I can make a change. I need to put in effort everyday like I’m at the state meet. I don’t feel like I have any “legendary” stories to tell my children, but there is still time to achieve some for my grandchildren! 

Who will you be in your “back in my day” stories?