Work has moved inside!

Of course the outside is not really “done”, but I guess it’s “done” enough to start work inside…

You should know by now that nothing gets done unless Jeff comes down! Last weekend, the boys (I think that’s what I’m going to refer to them as from now on) put in the loft floor. I got up there, it was pretty stable I guess. I was just impressed that I fit between the rafters! (Don’t ask why I know that, it involved a ladder and my awkward self, that’s all I’m saying about that!)

Jeff also taught Marsy Man how to use a paint roller, it’s never too early to learn essential diy skills!

Today they started electrical work. Now keep in mind that neither of these fellows is an electrician… We will most definitely have it inspected! I am a bit of a list maker, I like a good visual representation when doing pretty much everything. All of the “plans” for the tiny house are in Mark’s head. We fight constantly over my desire for things to be on paper and his stupid refusal to grant me this one, not unreasonable, request. He finally put something on paper, the semi understandable electrical plan. Would you like to know why he finally did it? Jeff wanted it! 😤

Maelyn even wanted to work today. She kept asking her daddy if he “had any jobs” for her. He put her on shop vac duty. She was such a diligent worker that she almost gave up a ride on the golf cart. Luckily her boss gave her the afternoon off to play on Betsy, aka the golf cart. 

Are you ready for the truly heartwarming part of the day? For some reason we had an infestation of wasps, clearly we need to get back and finish the exterior,but there was a high possibility of having a run in with one. To keep him safe, Mark’s BFFL kept watch for wasps while he ran wiring in the loft.

 I got the heck out of there, I don’t mess with flying stinging bugs! So yeah, I see now why Jeff ranks higher on the “people I will do things for” list!