Let’s Talk About “Those Shows” 

and a little self-appreciation. 

When Mark and I started this journey, way back in May, I put applications to a couple of the popular “tiny house” television shows. The first one did not work out because they wanted us to hire “professionals” so that it could be finished for filming within 9 days. That went against the very reasons  we decided to embark on this adventure. It wasn’t worth paying thousands of extra dollars to someone else, to do things we could do ourselves, just to be on tv.  So we moved on. 

The second show seemed to be a better fit. It was geared more toward the DIYer. We eventually got a skype interview. They wanted to meet all of us, see how we interacted as a family, and hear us discuss our project. Of course Maelyn had a total breakdown right before so Mark, Mars,and I sat in front of the computer trying to convince someone in Colorado that we were tv worthy. Well apparently we were not. We were eventually told that our build did not contain enough “unique” features. This isn’t a summer project for us to travel the world before mommy and daddy cut us off and we have to get real jobs, this is our family of four choosing a lifestyle to better our relationships, pocketbook, and environment. (Can you tell I’m a little bitter?)

Anyhow, this leads to something I’m struggling with right now, if I had been able to better”sell” myself, would it have made a difference? I was raised to believe that your actions are what matters, you shouldn’t have to tell someone how great you are, they should know because of the works you do. 

I teach one class of Career Explorations. My class has decided to participate in an “Entrepreneur Expo” by creating a business, making a business plan, and working through all that entails. The only feedback I’ve gotten on all this, take pictures so it can go on Facebook. In this society of “if it didn’t get x amount of likes on social media, it didn’t really happen” I am struggling. 

This week I needed to write a bio for the winter sports program for being the assistant swim coach. Immediately I was thinking about how I could fit my father and brothers accomplishments into it because writing about how great they were was a lot easier than writing about myself. It was always frowned upon to brag, wow that’s a word I haven’t heard in a while!

Now in saying all this you are probably thinking, she’s just writing this to get likes or someone to disagree and make her feel good. Nope. This is mostly a personal journal for us to look back on, half the time Mark doesn’t even read my ramblings so I’m not expecting many followers and I don’t take compliments well, probably a side effect of my self worth issues! Autumn has tried to crack me for 5 years now, I think that’s why we’ve stayed friends, the therapist in her likes the challenge!

I am genuinely struggling with the idea of self promotion. I envy my husband most times because he has no problem with self appreciation. He knows what he’s good at and takes pride in himself. I tell him he has a big head and an inflated ego (because I’m such a good wife 😔) but also wish I could be that confident. Somehow, somewhere, my brain was wired to believe if you aren’t the best, there is room for improvement, and therefore nothing good to talk about. 

Clearly my spirit animal is an 83 year old man cursing technology and kids these days. I should have been born about 50 years ago, when you worked hard, you’re boss actually observed your work directly not your social media footprint, and only people you physically interacted with knew you died!

That’s enough for dear diary, let’s talk tiny house! It’s still really, really slow going. The metal was put on, boards have been stained and put on, and we are dangerously close to actually being done with the exterior. It finally decided to become fall, and with that came some rain, so the painting that still has to be done may have to wait a while. At least it’s nice and cool for inside work! 

Oh yeah and this happened. Mark didn’t want to take the big trailer so he just cut these down in the parking lot. You can see our son in the background trying to act like he doesn’t know this man!

Today it’s cold! So I’m posted up by the space heater, watching. I don’t know why he wants me here, I do hold the ladder every once in a while if his safety looks questionable!


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