Okay, it’s been a bit busy lately!

As my good friend Chandra pointed out to my husband, I have been majorly slacking in the blogging department!  In my defense, it’s really hard to blog when you don’t know what you should be writing about!  You see, Mark has been working, but I have been too busy with laundry, grad school, swim, and our children, to be out there working with him.  I would much rather work on the house, but he thinks clean underwear are important so here I sit, typing and folding clothes.  There really are not enough hours in the day for either one of us!  Also, my dear husband apparently doesn’t know how to use a camera, so I have very few pictures to add!

But as we tell our students, excuses are like feet, everyone has them and they all stink!  So I refuse to have excuses anymore, the laundry must be done, the children must be cared for, the house must be built, and the blog must be written!  (Because if it’s not on social media, it didn’t happen…)

Let’s get caught up shall we?

Just a few days after our awesome New Years campout, we got a little snow!  I thought the tiny house looked so cute in snow!

As of this publication, all of the interior walls have been installed, what what!!!!  What did we use, you ask?  We call it the “when you want the shiplap look but you’re poor”.  We used sanded sheets of plywood, clamped down four at a time, (because we are not only poor of money, but poor of time!) and ripped them down in 4 or 5 inch planks.  I say 4 or 5 inches because, even though I was actually there for this in body, I was not there in mind!  
In the loft and kitchen, Mark just put up whole sheets.  No sense in cutting more planks when they will just be covered by cabinets!

He looks so good working 😍

So after the walls, it was time for the ceiling.  Mark wanted something like coffered ceilings, because that would have been easier than the planks. This thing is already a long wooden box, do we really need our ceiling style to sound (and look 🙅🏼) like coffin?  But I just thought it was ugly so, wife veto!  Mark and Jeff came up with the slanted larger planks running opposite to the center to a “bowtie” design.

I started this post yesterday, so as of this publication NOW, the ceiling is up and trimmed! We are getting there people! 

Spring break is next week! I’m expecting lots done, like paint, cabinets, and much much more! Stay tuned! 


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