Once upon a time, a music man fell in love with a scientist and, with their three mangy mutts, they moved to southeast Oklahoma.  There, the music man taught middle school and high school choir, and the scientist managed the public health emergency preparedness and response programs.  Soon, they had a little princess and life was good.  A couple of years passed, and the music man had become disillusioned with his administration, and accepted a position with a school fundraising company.  The fearsome threesome moved to northeast Oklahoma, with no family or friends, relying on only each other.  Low and behold, nine months later, they added a little prince to the mix.  With their family complete, they started thinking about what kind of life they wanted for this perfect little family.  So the fundraising man, and the now stay at home mom, did much soul searching.  What they decided on would be a complete change from the lifestyle they had been living.  They decided they were a doing people, not a having people, and wanted to teach their princess and prince the true value of family, friendships, and a life worth living.  So the  adventure begins…


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