The McTiny Home and Homestead, Est. 2017

We moved the house!!!!! It is out of Mark’s parents backyard, and on our land! I have never been more scared in my entire life. Watching the literal embodiment of 15 months worth of blood sweat and tears, travel the mile and a quarter to its destination, was excruciating! I am happy to report that it rode like a champ! We owe Uncle Ron the world right now! He hooked McTiny up, drove off, and got her in place before Mark or I even had a chance to have a panic attack! 

We had quite the caravan for our short travel. Jeff drove pilot, with Mark and his “wire lifting pole”, then Ron and McTiny, me in the Journey, Aunt Connie and Maelyn, with Gene in the tractor as caboose. About halfway, my mom and dad had parked on the side of the road to watch the journey. It took a while to get her lined up with the systems, and even longer to level! 

The electricity is officially hooked up! Of course with all this good, you know something bad would have to happen. The well pump is shot, so after we replace that we should have water. Mark will start living in it after this week, the kids and I will wait till it’s actually habitable. (And make sure it doesn’t burn down 😬)

Tiny house parties coming soon!


Updated Pictures

It’s about dang time right?!?!?

I came home today, sat on the couch, and did pretty much nothing! You would think I would have taken advantage of this time and, oh just for example, maybe do lesson plans… 👀

Anywho, I thought I might be semi productive and post some newer pictures of the house. Move date is still up on the air. My husband has been infected by the “Back to School Bug” so of course he may die… (and yet I have been at the exact same place, with the exact same germy people 🤔) So maybe one day we will actually move in to this house, and you can see the final product! 

From the living area, looking at the kitchen, bathroom, and loft.
Bedroom loft
Washer/dryer combo in the bathroom.
From the kitchen, looking into the living area and kid’s loft.
Kid’s loft

Summer Dreams

Two weeks ago I promised a really great post. Two weeks ago I wrote a really great blog post, and my phone deleted it. I have been mourning that past. It was witty, heartfelt, life changing, and I just knew a rewrite would not bring it the justice it deserved. RIP great blog post…

So I am starting over and this is what you will get instead! 

Two weeks ago we met up with Autumn and Jeff for her birthday. They are our soul couple when it comes to this tiny house adventure, and we have been dreaming of turning this tiny adventure into something bigger. We want to make building alternative dwellings (tiny houses, tiny houses on wheels, container houses, earthbag dwellings) a business one day. Well all it took was a little libation for us to make it official! We knew the name we wanted for our business, so with a little drink, and a LOT of talent from Jeff, we had a logo designed and tattooed in a matter of a couple hours. Tattooed? Yes, you should know that Mark and I are weird, and part of our weirdness is an affinity for tattooes. Autumn also shares this affinity, one of the reasons we are soul sisters! Jeff was a surprise! But you know what that tells me, if practical, conservative, serious Jeff is willing to get a tattoo representing this crazy idea, maybe it’s not so crazy after all. I don’t think I really thought this was actually a possibility until Jeff gave that “literal” stamp of approval! (Don’t tell Jeff my feelings were so heavily based on his approval!) 

I introduce to you MC2, like MC(squared), Alternative Dwelling Specialists! Jeff did an awesome job designing this, he is a very talented artist. 

So we did things a little backwards, we got tatted before actually making sure the name was available or registering it with the state… so thank goodness it was! This shiznit is legit! 

A seal and everything!

Do we know what any of these documents even mean? No. Do we know anything about starting, running, or maintaining a business? No. Should we have maybe educated ourselves on some of this and maybe actually have finished a product before this? Probably. But in the lyrical stylings of the great musical Rent,

Mark and I decided a long time ago that life is too short to say, “Man, I wish we had done that.” Sure, that has and will lead to some, “yeah maybe we shouldn’t have done that”, and some “I can’t believe we did that” but you don’t know until you try! 

So follow along, the weirdness will continue long after our build is finished! 

Speaking of our build, summer is here!!!!!! I think we have someone to haul off the trashed double wide, so once we can get the site prepped, we will move the tiny house and finish it out. Mark says by the end of the month we will be in it, so I always double his projected timelines, so hopefully by the end of July! 

So It’s Been a Year…

And where are we exactly?????

For this anniversary post, I would like to inform you all that we have land!  That’s right, we have 2.5 acres to start our tiny homestead!  Like everything that the Monteith’s purchase, it is going to take time and a lot of work to get it where we want it!  First thing that must be done, remove a trashed out double wide that is already there.  Mark had been in contact with a person that removes them, but pretty sure that fell through (since we haven’t heard from them since the day they were supposed to show up but did not.)  So looks like plan B, burn that mother to the ground!  Once we get it cleared, we can have a real idea of where everything will go and start prepping the site!  Mark says we have about one good, hard, whole week’s worth of work and the tiny house will be ready to move.  So multiply what Mark says by about 5, and the tiny house may be ready with 5 weeks of good, hard work!

We took a weekend off, and did our second annual Cooper/Monteith Earth Day and IKEA adventure.  It was very much needed!  We love getting to spend any time with the Cooper’s, but really enjoy spending laid back adult time!  Mark and I spent a small fortune, that we don’t actually have :(, at IKEA.  We purchased a car load of shelves, bathroom stuff, and kids items.  We’ve kind of ran out of storage room at the build site, so all that small IKEA stuff is tucked away in so many places, we may never find it again!  Then it was off to the Earth Day Expo.  We didn’t spend much time there last year, just looking at the tiny house village.  This year, they had 3 separate villages, with DIY and commercial builds.  The goal for next year is to have one of ours there!  (Mark and Jeff are crying laughing at this I’m sure!)  But really, Mark and Jeff’s work is pretty top notch from what we’ve seen, I would put them up against any of the ones there!

So yes, we would like to turn this adventure into a business someday!  I have a name for our future business, just need to get it registered!  Oh, I should probably also learn how to actually start a business, insurance, licenses, all that stuff… eh, details schmetails.   If you know of anyone looking for someone to build them a custom tiny house, keep us in mind!!!

Not a real exciting post, I know, I’m sorry!  The next few weekends are tied up with family and school stuff so I’m not expecting a lot of progress either. Stick with us, summer is almost here!!!!

Spring Break, Not All We Hoped It Would Be…

So Mark had big plans for Spring Break, 10 days to do non stop tiny house work, with additional family member help.  Of course, things didn’t go as planned.  I had surgery the week before, and it knocked me down harder than I anticipated.  Mars also got RSV, for the second time in 2 months, so we were all a little wimpy!  Mark did work when he could, and had help from my cousin Kirsten one day, my brother was here one day, but other than that, he was pretty much on his own.  Here’s what was accomplished during this time.

All of the interior walls were put in.  The faux shiplap turned out pretty good, I mean it saved thousands of dollars so of course I liked it!  It took a while, but Mark figured out the stairs/ladder to the loft.  It’s a little steeper than I would like, but this allows more floorspace for the living area.  All of the interior was then primed and painted.

Family help. Kirsten nailing up some faux shiplap.
Loft stairs/ladder

Mae even helped out a bit, she put in a good 3 minutes of work before complaining that her legs hurt… She is her mother’s child!

Mark did realize one of his limitations, the super awesome slide out we have planned, that requires some heavy duty welding, probably won’t get done anytime soon!  You see, Mark has never had any actual training in welding, not that that means anything really, but he’s giving himself till next summer to learn and execute this.  So he and Jeff build a temporary wall, and installed an air conditioner we just happened to have in the shop.  It worked out pretty well, but I don’t have high hopes for it when it gets to 115 degrees this summer!

We decided to use a very large casement window for access to the rooftop deck.  It was a weird size, and a door would have to be custom made, so why not use a big beautiful window!  I started out helping Mark install this, but it was really high off the ground, it was windy, and I’m a scaredy cat, so Gene had to step in and help for a second!

If you’ve been following along, you know that one of my biggest pet peeves is that there are no written plans for anything.  Never has been, never will be, or so I’ve been told.  The closest thing to a “written plan” comes in the form of random pieces of lumbar with scribbles on it!

I wanted to highlight these “super cool overalls” that he insisted on getting. These are his “work pair”, he has some pin stripes ones for “going out”. I don’t know where he’s going, but I’ll make sure to not!

Okay, it’s been a bit busy lately!

As my good friend Chandra pointed out to my husband, I have been majorly slacking in the blogging department!  In my defense, it’s really hard to blog when you don’t know what you should be writing about!  You see, Mark has been working, but I have been too busy with laundry, grad school, swim, and our children, to be out there working with him.  I would much rather work on the house, but he thinks clean underwear are important so here I sit, typing and folding clothes.  There really are not enough hours in the day for either one of us!  Also, my dear husband apparently doesn’t know how to use a camera, so I have very few pictures to add!

But as we tell our students, excuses are like feet, everyone has them and they all stink!  So I refuse to have excuses anymore, the laundry must be done, the children must be cared for, the house must be built, and the blog must be written!  (Because if it’s not on social media, it didn’t happen…)

Let’s get caught up shall we?

Just a few days after our awesome New Years campout, we got a little snow!  I thought the tiny house looked so cute in snow!

As of this publication, all of the interior walls have been installed, what what!!!!  What did we use, you ask?  We call it the “when you want the shiplap look but you’re poor”.  We used sanded sheets of plywood, clamped down four at a time, (because we are not only poor of money, but poor of time!) and ripped them down in 4 or 5 inch planks.  I say 4 or 5 inches because, even though I was actually there for this in body, I was not there in mind!  
In the loft and kitchen, Mark just put up whole sheets.  No sense in cutting more planks when they will just be covered by cabinets!

He looks so good working 😍

So after the walls, it was time for the ceiling.  Mark wanted something like coffered ceilings, because that would have been easier than the planks. This thing is already a long wooden box, do we really need our ceiling style to sound (and look 🙅🏼) like coffin?  But I just thought it was ugly so, wife veto!  Mark and Jeff came up with the slanted larger planks running opposite to the center to a “bowtie” design.

I started this post yesterday, so as of this publication NOW, the ceiling is up and trimmed! We are getting there people! 

Spring break is next week! I’m expecting lots done, like paint, cabinets, and much much more! Stay tuned! 

Moving forward in 2017

So here it is, five days into the new year, and I’m just getting around to writing a “New Years” post. Okay that’s a lie, I’ve had the time and the words I just couldn’t make myself physically type them out. I guess it’s one of those “if I say it, it won’t come true”, or more honestly, “if I say it someone might see me fail”. I’m choosing right now to see it as a “if I say it and someone sees me struggling they will keep me accountable”. So now you know your job for the year! 😬

As I was thinking about the new year, and all the NEW that is implied, I read something about not making resolutions, but rather, make intentions. I think of resolutions as goals, and while I believe that having goals are important (I am from the school of FEMA, Homeland Security, and state government so goals should always be SMART) what happens when you don’t attain them? Am I a failure because I didn’t achieve that one statement I put on myself 365 days ago? Some of you would say yes, and you are a jerk! Don’t get me wrong, I still have goals, but at this point in my life, I mean I’ve achieved so much, it’s getting hard to set realistic goals. (Did you puke a little? I puked a little! 🤢🤥🤥🤥🤣) That was totally a joke if my humor doesn’t translate too print. 

 This year I choose to focus on intentions. Intentions are what we do in the present to achieve our goals. Call me hippie dippie, and those of you who knew the me from 5 years ago are going to be baffled by this but, I choose to live my life in the present. Not the mistakes of the past, not what could be in the future, but the right now. (Parenthood really changes a person man!) 

So I came up with one overarching intention for 2017. 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁(that’s a drumroll by the way) 

I intend to love more in 2017, myself, my husband, my children, my family, my friends, my work, my school, and my tiny house project. 

I have sub intentions for all of those as well but I think you get the picture. 

As I look back on 2016, at first I want to say wow that was a bad year, but when I go through month by month, every down had a corresponding up. When my mother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer, we were here, when Mark’s job furloughed, the very next day these jobs at DMS opened up and we got them. You know, that’s pretty much been my life, every time I’ve been knocked down, somehow I’ve gotten back up. (There have been and still are a lot of prayers interceded on my behalf.) I know, I’m starting to sound like one of those glass half full people. Am I sick? Did something invade my body, is there something wearing a Megan suit? (See what I did there? Snuck in the best part of Men in Black! “It wasn’t Eggar, it was like an Eggar suit.”) I realize that my RBF gives people the wrong impression (that’s just how my face is) but I actually am a pretty positive person…

So tiny house wise, because we spent almost the entire Christmas break out of state, not much work got done… However, I wanted our family to wake up in the new year in our own home so my husband worked his booty off and made the Monteith Tiny House New Years Campout Party happen! 👏👨‍👩‍👧‍👦⛺️🎉

The kids teepee Dad set up with house wrap tubes!
A boy,obsessed with the lights, and his dog.
A girl and her dog.
Helping daddy install a real door knob we could lock. Not gonna lie, I got freaked out a couple times because of the wind and the unfinished slide out area!

Jeff did come down a day and they got some interior walls in. Again, if Jeff wasn’t there we’d still probably have a blank trailer! We are doing the poor mans shiplap, but to make things easier, behind the counters and appliances are whole pieces. 

I really can’t wrap up 2016 without thanking my parents. We’ve been in their house for about a year now, 6 months longer than planned and a couple more to go. It hasn’t been ideal, but my mother hasn’t killed my husband yet! (I think the fear of being stuck with the kids and I forever is the only thing keeping her from it!) They have provided more food, clothing, and shelter than we deserve or could ever repay, although apparently I’m trying with vacuums… I also can’t write a moving forward in 2017 without thanking those who have supported us. (Jeff, Autumn, Chandra I’m looking at you!) Some think it’s a good idea, some support it, very few are both. Your physical, mental, and emotional support has meant the world to us, so thank you!

In 2017 the Monteiths WILL modus vivendi to mini, come follow along!

Progress, or lack there of…

Warning: Negativity ahead. 

I have been in a bad mood lately and I’m taking it out on this post! With Mark being out of town Sunday – Thursday, that leaves only Friday and Saturday to work on the house. I feel like we are never going to get it done.  😫 

Plus, one kid never shuts her mouth (most annoying person on the planet right now) and the other kid is teething so he cries and screams and gripes at me ALL DAY LONG. These are the times I question my sanity, especially about moving in to a tiny house!

But then something kicks in, I think it’s a mother thing, you know when you are constantly trying to make your kids negative feelings positive and you finally apply it to yourself. I think, well, when we are in the tiny house there won’t be a need for the kids to follow me everywhere, we will all just be right there. There won’t be a need to scream for me, I’ll never be that far away. And when we’re in our own space I can ignore them more and not worry about being judged by my mother! 😜

This is where we are on the house right now, and will probably be stuck here for the next three weeks! Every time I see a dark cloud in the sky I have a mini panic attack! As long as the tarps hold we will be okay, please for the love of all that is good, let the tarps hold!

Build That Wall!

Walls need to be built people. Walls for our tiny house that is! (The Monteith’s are not really political people so don’t construe that saying or think we support that politician!) 

We’ve finally had some decent weather and that has given Mark and Jeff some excellent build time. 

We also took a trip to The Home Depot to order our cooktop, refrigerator, and washer/dryer combo (Memorial Day sales, not a big discount but everything counts!) While there, we (who am I kidding, it was all Mark, I tuned out and played Candy Crush) discussed doors and windows. After Mark’s very lengthy conversation with the door and window specialist, I was told he was going to have to rethink some things! 

Spoiler alert:

Welding is coming…

Disclaimer: The author of this blog has no construction knowledge whatsoever. She writes what the builder tells her. Being that the builder is the author’s husband, full attention to what is being said may, or may not, be given. Legit construction questions will be answered directly by him.