Progress, or lack there of…

Warning: Negativity ahead. 

I have been in a bad mood lately and I’m taking it out on this post! With Mark being out of town Sunday – Thursday, that leaves only Friday and Saturday to work on the house. I feel like we are never going to get it done.  😫 

Plus, one kid never shuts her mouth (most annoying person on the planet right now) and the other kid is teething so he cries and screams and gripes at me ALL DAY LONG. These are the times I question my sanity, especially about moving in to a tiny house!

But then something kicks in, I think it’s a mother thing, you know when you are constantly trying to make your kids negative feelings positive and you finally apply it to yourself. I think, well, when we are in the tiny house there won’t be a need for the kids to follow me everywhere, we will all just be right there. There won’t be a need to scream for me, I’ll never be that far away. And when we’re in our own space I can ignore them more and not worry about being judged by my mother! 😜

This is where we are on the house right now, and will probably be stuck here for the next three weeks! Every time I see a dark cloud in the sky I have a mini panic attack! As long as the tarps hold we will be okay, please for the love of all that is good, let the tarps hold!


The Day the Tarps Failed

Friday, Mark and I spent a good 4 hours trying to “weatherize” the tiny house. We were going to spend the weekend in Wichita with my brother and sister-in-law, and of course there was a chance of storms, so we wanted to cover it the best we could. 

I dubbed it “The Platypus”

I worked my booty off, but my 5’3″ self was just not enough to be much help!

On our way back from Wichita, we got the text from Mark’s mom. “The tarps did not hold. The wind was too strong.” Apparently there had been a hurricane in southern Oklahoma! We’re talking 8 inches of rain in an hour with 70 mph wind gusts. We immediately felt sick. His mom and stepdad had gone out and worked it the best they could, and boy did we appreciate it! I think we got pretty lucky. Things inside were a little damp, but no standing puddles. 

RIP Platypus

We got some plastic sheets to cover the openings and retarped the top. 

Mark starts his summer Masters classes Monday. He will be gone Monday to Thursday for 4 weeks. So that puts a major slow down on tiny house progress. Ugh.

Positive of this mess: an excuse to wear my work boots! It’s hot, of course I rocked boots with shorts!

Build That Wall!

Walls need to be built people. Walls for our tiny house that is! (The Monteith’s are not really political people so don’t construe that saying or think we support that politician!) 

We’ve finally had some decent weather and that has given Mark and Jeff some excellent build time. 

We also took a trip to The Home Depot to order our cooktop, refrigerator, and washer/dryer combo (Memorial Day sales, not a big discount but everything counts!) While there, we (who am I kidding, it was all Mark, I tuned out and played Candy Crush) discussed doors and windows. After Mark’s very lengthy conversation with the door and window specialist, I was told he was going to have to rethink some things! 

Spoiler alert:

Welding is coming…

Disclaimer: The author of this blog has no construction knowledge whatsoever. She writes what the builder tells her. Being that the builder is the author’s husband, full attention to what is being said may, or may not, be given. Legit construction questions will be answered directly by him.

Cardboard appliances and a garage haircut

My brother and sister in law came down for Memorial Day weekend and put in some work on the tiny house. Bryce helped Mark build the boxes over the inside wheel wells.

Lacy helped me make cardboard representations of appliances and taped out walls. Still trying to get a feel for things!

Mark got the tub, we both fit!

And for some bizarre reason, Mark let my brother cut his hair! Of course, hair buzzing must be done in the garage! Bryce has some pretty good barber skills if he ever decides to leave the federal government!